​​​Children's House: Ages 3 - 6 Years Old

In the Children's House the youngsters are groomed for preschool.  Once children develop some level of internal control in the Toddler's room, it becomes easier for them to transition to the Children's Room.  Here they are exposed to each area of Montessori Learning including Math, Language, Science, Art, Practical Life, Sensorial, Geography, as well as physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and peace curriculum using Montessori materials. 

One of the main focuses in this program is our Sensorial and Practical Life curriculum, through which the students develop fine motor skills as well as the organization and patterning skills inherited in math and language concepts. 

Language - Each of the separate skills involved in mastery of reading and writing is pursued by the child at his/her own pace.  Exercises include rhyming games, matching objects to pictures, sandpaper letters and language cards.

Math - The Montessori mathematical materials isolate each concept and introduce it to the child in a concrete form using manipulative equipment. The child progresses one step at a time to a more abstract understanding of the concepts of arithmetic. 

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